Start serving food in your florida brewery.

Get a free Brewery Foodservice Action Plan designed specifically for your taproom.

Mid section of friends having bottle of beer and pizza in party at barKeeping up with the latest statistics and data is one thing, but when you add changing regulations into the mix, operating your brewery can be even more challenges. We understand the challenges brewers face as they look to remain open, and we're here to help.

The reality is it's not that hard to add some basics to your brewery in order to offer a tasty and profitable menu that will allow you to stay open. We also think that once you implement these simple foodservice initiatives, they'll remain part of your operation for years to come. But you've got to start somewhere, and we'd suggest a free Brewery Foodservice Action Plan, where we'll answer the following questions.

- How will the overall design fit into your current footprint, and what equipment is needed for foodservice?

- What do you plan to serve, and can our Eaton corporate chefs help you determine a comprehensive menu?

- How can a foodservice program built with the right equipment lead to a quick ROI?

- Are there any other questions Eaton Marketing can help you answer? Start with our free brewery foodservice consultation.